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Betting Types Explained

There are countless betting types, we have taken the most important and examined them in detail. The most popular betting types can be found in the table below. In every single guide, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a betting type. We will tell you how to use it and which betting types are best suited for which sports. Want to know more? Check this out!

  • Knowing everything about betting types is key
  • Use the right betting type at the right moment
  • There are not only three-way bets, try out other types!
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Matthew Jones
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May 10, 2022
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Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.

Sports Betting Types Explained: Full List 2022

Every punter needs to get familiar with different betting types to become successful in sports betting. Broadening the knowledge about wagering types can help you beat the bookies. If you want to be profitable in the long term, you should dip into our comprehensive guides and find useful tips and strategies.

Top 5 Betting Types Explained

There are quite a few betting types, and some of them are more popular among punters than others. Particular betting types apply to specific sports, while others don’t have any restrictions whatsoever. We are going to skim over the most famous ones.

  1. Head to Head bet: One of the most famous betting types is head to head bet. It is very straightforward as the punter should pick a winner of the contest. You don’t need to be an experienced bettor to understand this kind of wager, and that makes it so popular in sports betting. It mostly applies to horse racing.
  2. Live bet: Due to technology improvements, sportsbooks introduced a new perspective in sports wagering. Live bet provides you the opportunity to back your favorite team during the match. You can also take advantage of watching the live-action and benefit from live odds that can be pretty lucrative.
  3. Matched betting: Punters are searching for strategies that can bring them guaranteed profits, and one of them is matched betting. Since the competition among the sportsbooks is vast, they offer different promotions to their customers. You can benefit from free bets and generate significant returns in the long term.
  4. Handicap betting: Thanks to this betting type, games with one of the teams being a firm favorite become much more attractive for punters. Handicaps can provide better value to the odds, and you can boost your returns thanks to this approach.
  5. Spread betting: This betting type is most prevalent in high-scoring sports. Like handicap betting, spreads tend to level up the odds when there is a significant difference in the opposing teams’ quality. The team you are about to back needs to win by a certain margin and beat the spread to bring you a payout.

What is the perfect betting type for Cricket?

Due to cricket’s nature, head to head betting is the most suitable wagering type. Since the match outcome doesn’t include a draw, picking a straight winner of the game is the most common type of bet in cricket. A punter needs to make a simple choice. Either the host team will win, or the visitors are going to celebrate a victory.

The simplicity of this wager makes it so popular among cricket fans. Despite other alternative markets available for this sport, head to head betting remain the number one for cricket games.

What is the perfect betting type for Kabaddi?

Kabaddi betting is prevalent in India, and the creation of the league structure made it even more accessible to punters. Nowadays, Pro Kabaddi League attracts millions of fans, which opens a whole new perspective and opportunities for placing bets. Although there are not many markets for this sport, you can make pretty decent selections. Of course, the most popular betting type is Head to Head betting, as punters try to predict the game-winner. Quite a few bookmakers cover this sport, and you should dip into their offer and place some Kabaddi bets.

What is the perfect betting type for Football?

As the most famous sport in the world, football offers a vast range of markets to punters. From the traditional moneylines to unique options, you can find hundreds of opportunities for each event. Perhaps, the most famous betting type related to football games is handicap betting.

Since football offers three possible outcomes, punters tend to increase their chances of winning by removing one of the possibilities. Handicap provides that opportunity, while football fans can enjoy good value odds thanks to this betting type. It also gives an underdog a bigger chance of winning the game by assigning it a virtual advantage to level the odds.

Which betting site is the best to bet on?

If you want to learn more about particular betting types, just dive into the corresponding guide. Apply tips and strategies provided by our team of experienced punters, and head to 10Cric sportsbook. Register an online account, get some lucrative bonuses, and start the sports betting journey!

Conclusion: Pick you preferred betting type!
Betting Billy brings you details about different betting tips at your fingertips. Spend some time investigating them, and enhance your wagering experience. Find the ones that suit your gambling style the most, and capitalize on different strategies. You can get tons of useful tips that can help you become profitable in the long term. We are quite positive you will find something that suits you perfectly, and we wish you the best of luck in sports betting!
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