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Matthew Jones
Last Updated:
May 10, 2022
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Author Bio:
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.

Handicap Betting Explained in 2022

How many times have you heard about Handicap betting, but you still don’t know how it works? Well, it is one of the most popular wagering types. It’s time to dip into the essence of this betting type and start beating the bookies! Our team of experienced punters brings you all details about this exciting betting type. Stay with us and pick up all the necessary advice for improving your wagering style with handicap betting.

How does Handicap Betting work?

The concept of handicap betting is based on giving a virtual head advantage to one of the teams in an event. Bookmakers assign that advantage to an underdog since handicap betting aims to provide both teams an equal chance to win the game. That virtual head start is added to the outcome of the clash to get the valid result for a handicap bet.

How many times did you skip backing firm favorites due to slim odds on traditional markets? Well, thanks to handicaps, these games get more attractive to punters as they can get more attractive odds. Let’s mention subtypes of handicap betting.

Asian Handicap

This subtype is the most famous one in handicap betting. It eliminates a draw as a possible result, and therefore, increases your chances of winning from 33% to 50%. You can find several varieties of this subtype, and we also prepared a unique guide focused only on Asian Handicap betting.

European Handicap

European Handicap is a three-way handicap, meaning that it includes a draw as one of the possible outcomes. Although it involves one extra possibility compared to the Asian Handicap, the odds are pretty lucrative with this subtype.

No Draw Handicap

This subtype of handicap wagering also excludes the possibility of a tie. The half-goal or half-point margin prevents this option, so the team you wagered will either lose or win.

Is it legal to bet on Sports in India?
There is no federal law that addresses online sports betting. In India, every state has the right to make its own laws. As long as you’re not in a state that prohibits gambling, you’re good to go. As an Indian player, you can sign up for offshore sportsbooks and enjoy sports wagering legally and safely.

How do I place & win a Handicap Bet?

Although it sounds a bit complicated, placing a handicap bet is quite straightforward. However, many punters didn’t have the chance to put this kind of wager yet. That’s why we are here to help you and guide you through the process step by step. Follow these simple steps, and you will place a handicap bet in seconds.

  1. Pick an online sportsbook: Selecting an operator is the first task in this process. However, it sometimes can be pretty challenging since the competition is high. To help you make a decision more comfortable, we bring you top sports betting sites at your fingertips.
  2. Create an online account: Registering for an online account comes next. Without it, you are not allowed to place a bet. It will take just a few clicks, as you should populate all the required information. Put some money on it as well, so that you can continue further.
  3. Select a bet: Here comes the main part. Navigate to the event of your interest and click on the odds from the handicap market. The bet slip will be automatically populated with your selection.
  4. Place a wager: Finally, you need to enter your stake in the corresponding field. Click the Place Bet button to put your first handicap wager successfully.

What Sports offer Handicap Betting?


We have already mentioned this, and football is the most popular sport for handicap betting. This comes from various reasons. Firstly, football is the most famous sport in the world, and many punters wager these events. Besides that, a draw is a widespread outcome in football matches. Since handicap betting tends to eliminate the prospect of a tie, this betting type is very suitable for football.

If you are new is handicap betting, then football might be the perfect sport to start with. Due to low scoring matches, it will be much easier for you to “feel” the margins and manipulate with them more precisely.


Besides the team sports, handicap betting applies to the individual ones as well. Tennis is one of them, despite its specific way of scoring. This wagering type can set the margins related to games and sets. Therefore, punters can apply handicap betting to the match-winner or totals markets.


Cricket is a very famous sport in India, and it is not excused from handicap betting either. Indian punters can find lots of markets related to any cricket game, and handicap is one of them. In this case, handicap betting applies to totals.

Examples for Handicap Betting

We are sure that handicap betting is much clearer for you at this point. However, to bring it closer to you, we will walk you through two practical examples.

Winning example of Handicap bet

While roaming through the bookie’s offer, you came across a clash between Lincoln City and Liverpool in the EFL Cup. Undoubtedly, the Reds are firm favorites to proceed to the next round, but the odds of their victory are very slim – 1.10. You don’t want to give up on this game, and you place a handicap bet that Liverpool will celebrate by at least three goals.

Lincoln City (+2.5)1.70
Liverpool (+2.5)2.20

Indeed, Jurgen Klopp’s side trashed the opponent with a 7:2 victory. Your handicap bet is a winning one, and you can enjoy much more generous returns compared to the traditional moneylines.

Losing example of Handicap bet

Real Madrid suffered a surprising 1:0 home defeat to Cadiz, and Barcelona has an excellent opportunity to catch them up on the table. They face Getafe, and you are pretty positive that Leo Messi and the lads will accept this gift from their fierce rivals. You believe Barcelona will win by two goals or more.

Getafe (+1.5)1.75
Barcelona (-1.5)2.15

However, Barcelona also failed to a narrow defeat and missed the chance to level up with Real Madrid. Your wager loses as well, and you cannot count on any returns.

Is a Handicap Bet a Good Bet?

Handicap betting is pretty famous, and there are quite a few reasons that back this claim. We already brought up a few of them, but some tips and tricks can make handicap betting more profitable. Let’s dive into the top five so that you can apply them to your wagering experience.

5 Tips for your next bets

  1. Back teams on hot streaks: In-form teams are the ones you should be looking for. Try to capitalize on their excellent runs, as they are likely to continue in the same fashion.
  2. Explore scoring records: If the team you want to back is very efficient, you will be on the right track to winning your handicap bet. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get a payout, but your chances are much higher.
  3. Compare the prices: Don’t hesitate to shop for the best odds since you can find many discrepancies in the offer. The line between winning and losing is thin, and you should always look for the best value.
  4. Go for huge favorites at -1.5: Thanks to handicap betting, the games featuring huge favorites are much more attractive to punters. Instead of increasing the stake to get a decent profit, you can lift the winning margin and capitalize on bigger odds. Therefore, backing firm favorites at -1.5 proved to be a successful strategy.
  5. Believe in small home underdogs at +1.5: On the other hand, underdogs should not be underrated. When a slight underdog plays at home, it is worth backing it at +1.5. The odds might not be very generous, but these teams rarely lose at their ground by two or more goals.

Which betting site is the best to bet on?

At this point, you should be ready to place your first handicap bet. You already know the process, so head to 10Cric sportsbook, and dive into the handicap market. Keep in mind strategies and tips from this guide, and apply them to maximize your potential returns. Pick the game that suits you the most and get the most out of this exciting betting type!

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Conclusion: Should you try a Handicap Bet? Of course!
After you get into all the specifics of handicap betting, you should definitely give it a try. Many punters built up their strategies upon this exciting betting type. As a result, they increased their profits in the long term. Although it is a bit harder to understand it initially, it provides a whole new dimension in sports wagering. Implement tips from this comprehensive guide and boost your returns!
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