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Matthew Jones
Last Updated:
May 3, 2022
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Author Bio:
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.

Head to Head Bet Explained in 2022

Head to head bet is one of the most basic betting types The concept behind it is quite straightforward since a punter should pick a winner of the contest. Its simplicity makes it so popular among punters. Do you want to dip into the head to head meaning and how to apply this betting type to your wagering experience? Stay with us as our team of professional punters brings you a complete guide at your fingertips.

How does Head to Head Bet work?

Head to Head bet, a.k.a. h2h is a traditional betting type representing the essence of sports wagering. If you ever placed a bet, it is likely a head to head wager. It includes two contestants and two possible outcomes. With this kind of wager, you back one of the teams or players to win over another. It doesn’t apply only to sports with only two participants. However, the performance of the others is irrelevant for the head to head bet you have chosen.

There is nothing complicated about a head to head bet. A punter should just make a simple choice – selecting a winner of the contest. It’s very suitable for inexperienced bettors, as there is no simplest betting type in the industry. Although a draw isn’t an option with this wagering type, it doesn’t mean h2h does not apply to sports where a tie is one of the possible results. In football, for example, this betting type is also known as a Draw No Bet.

Is it legal to bet on Sports in India?
Gambling is a highly restricted activity across the country, however, no law prohibits online sports betting. In other words, you don’t need to worry about placing online wagers as you won’t violate the law. Playing or placing bets at online sportsbooks presented on BettingBilly is fully legal and safe!

How do I place & win a Head to Head Bet?

There is nothing simpler than placing a head to head bet. However, if you have just dived into the sports betting waters, you may not feel comfortable putting it on your own. In that case, we will walk you through simple steps so that you can make your first h2h bet.

  1. Select your favorite sportsbook: Selecting a bookmaker can be tricky since there is massive competition in the market. You can always check out the best sports betting sites and make your selection.
  2. Register for an online account: Follow the instructions on your selected bookie’s website and create your online account in seconds. Make sure to provide valid information and put some money on it.
  3. Find the event of your interest: Now, you are set to make your picks. Find the event you want to bet on, and click on the odds to populate the bet slip.
  4. Place a bet: The last step is entering the stake in the corresponding field and hitting the Place Bet button. You can enjoy the game now and get payouts if your selection wins.

What Sports offer Head to Head Betting?

Horse racing

This betting type originates in horse racing, and it is tightly related to this sport. Horse racing is one of the most popular sports among punters, and it is not strange that h2h betting is so famous. Although there are several contestants in the race, your bookmaker can offer you markets that compare just two of them. Picking a horse that will beat its opponent is very exciting, especially if you watch the event live.

With this kind of wager, you can expect to get the odds around 1.90 if the contestants are equal by strength. Although the chances to win a head to head bet are 50%, a sportsbook won’t offer you the odds at evens. The bookies will always calculate their winning margin and lower the odds by 0.10 on average.


Football is another sport where head to head betting is prevalent, although a draw is a  very likely outcome. As we already mentioned, h2h in football is well-known as Draw No Bet, meaning that it excludes a draw as a possibility. If the game ends in a tie, you get your stake back. The odds are not so generous as in traditional moneylines, but you may not lose the entire stake if your team doesn’t win.


Head to head bet in tennis is quite simple, as there are two confronted players, and only one can win. You should just pick the winner of the match to get payouts from your h2h wager. With so many tournaments around the world, the daily offer is very extensive.

Examples for Head to Head Betting

We have talked enough about the theory, and now let’s see how head to head betting works in practice. The following two examples will make you clear everything about this betting type.

Winning example of Head-to-Head bet

The Indian Derby is about to kick off, and you want to back your favorite horse. You dip into the bookmaker’s offer and found your desired wager in the head to head market.

Wizard of Stocks2.05

As Trouvaille is one of the favorites to win the race, you believe it will beat Wizard of Stocks in a head to head clash. Remember, all other standings are irrelevant, as you just need Trouvaille to finish the race ahead of Wizard of Stocks. After an exciting race, Trouvaille finished second, while Wizard of Stocks crossed the finish line third. In this case, your bet is a winner, and you can enjoy your profits.

Losing example of Head-to-Head bet

Champions League group stage is about to kick off, and you think Manchester United can stun PSG in Paris. However, you dip into the h2h market since you want to ensure your wager in case of a draw. You place a head to head bet that the Red Devils will win the match. If the game ends in a tie, you can get your stake back.

Manchester United2.50

However, Manchester United failed to provide another excellent display at Parc des Princes, and they lost 2:1. Obviously, you lost a bet, and since the game didn’t end in a draw either, you don’t get your stake back.

Is a Head to Head Bet a Good Bet?

Head to Head bet is one of the basic betting types, and its simplicity makes it very suitable for all kinds of punters. Whether you just dived into sports betting or are a professional punter, you can build strategies upon h2h bets. If you want to increase your chances of winning, check out the following tips.

5 Tips for your next bets

  1. Explore the form of contesters: Dipping into the most recent performances of teams or players can make head to head betting much more comfortable. If there is a contester that enjoys an excellent streak, consider putting money on it.
  2. Take a look at their previous clashes: The history of h2h games between players or teams can play a big part in deciding what bet to make. Sometimes, one side has a particularly positive record against another.
  3. Analyze all information: Always try to gather as much valid information about the contesters as possible. Very often, injuries and suspensions can have a significant impact on the course of the game.
  4. Don’t always back a huge favorite: Some punters base their strategy on backing only firm favorites. Yes, they will likely win the match, but this approach is usually not profitable in the long term. The odds are very slim, and to make considerable profits, you need to continuously win these bets. An underdog can quite often stun the favorite, and all effort you put up to that point is ruined.
  5. Search for good value odds: Instead of looking for the smallest odds, you should look for value. If the odds offered for the event are higher than your estimation, then it is a good sign that you should place a wager. Professional punters always search for good value odds and base their strategy upon them.

Which betting site is the best to bet on?

Since you now know everything about head to head betting, you should head to 10Cric and sign up for an account if you haven’t done it already. Make your first deposit, and you will be ready to place your wagers.  Explore the offer and select the event you prefer the most. Within seconds, put a bet to kick off the new chapter in your betting experience!

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Conclusion: Should you try a Head to Head Bet? Of course!
Even if you are a newbie in sports betting, you will find head to head bet fascinating. Although it is not a very profitable betting type, it can bring you excellent payouts in the long term. This kind of wager is simple to understand, as you don’t need to be an expert to select a winner of the contest. Apply the advice from this guide and start betting like a pro!
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