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Matthew Jones
Last Updated:
May 12, 2022
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Author Bio:
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.

Surebet Explained in 2022

There is no punter that doesn’t dream of beating sportsbooks But, is it only a dream? If you wonder how it is possible, invest a couple of minutes in reading this article. Our team of professional punters will reveal techniques and strategies that can make your sports betting profitable with the surebet approach. Ready to start a new chapter in your wagering experience? Let’s go!

How does Surebet Betting work?

Surebet is also known as arbitrage betting, and it is a technique that punters exploit for getting guaranteed profits. It includes covering all possible outcomes of an event to ensure that at least one wager will bring a payout. In other words, it doesn’t matter how the event will end. Since you backed all possibilities, one bet slip will be a winning one.

This strategy stands shoulder by shoulder with matched betting and hedge betting. However, there are slight differences between them. Surebet looks for gaps in offers of different bookmakers. These differing odds can lead you to guaranteed profits. The other two strategies have a bit different approach: they focus on taking advantage of free bets or protecting the initial wager with an opposite one. The fact that surebets will always bring you some profits, many punters consider them as risk-free wagers.

Is it legal to bet on Sports in India?
Although gambling laws in India are strict, they don’t regulate online betting. Therefore, if you intend to enjoy online sports wagering, it’s considered to be fully legal. You can sign up at one of the most reputable bookies as they usually admit Indian punters.

How do I place & win a Surebet Bet?

Although placing a surebet requires having accounts at different bookies, the process is not much complicated. Just follow these detailed stapes, and you won’t have any trouble making your surebets.

  1. Sign up for an account at several sportsbooks: As a prerequisite of successful arbitrage betting, you should register for an online account at as many sportsbooks as possible. Since you need to act fast, it is always recommended to have several accounts. Of course, you need to put some money into each of them.
  2. Compare the odds: This is the crucial step, as you need to identify opportunities. Monitor the odds, and head to the next step as soon as you spot discrepancies between different bookmakers.
  3. Select your bets: navigate to the corresponding sportsbooks and navigate to the event of your interest. Click on the odds to populate the bet slip, and enter the stake. It would be good if you can perform this action in parallel and prepare both bets simultaneously.
  4. Place a surebet: Just hit the Place Bet button on both pages to submit your surebets.

What Sports offer Surebet Betting?

The beauty of a surebet lies behind the fact that it applies to almost any sport. As long as you can find the gap between odds, it doesn’t matter what sport it is. However, some of them are more suitable than others, so let’s explore them more thoroughly.


It’s maybe surprising to you, but esports is an excellent ground to search for a surebet. Since it is relatively new in bookmakers’ offer, sometimes they don’t react adequately. Some bookies cannot estimate a player’s real value, and therefore, they offer significantly higher odds than others. They don’t go so deep into details, which results in growing opportunities for punters. Particular games can fly under the radar and open the space for placing a surebet.


Since this is a two-way market sport, it is suitable for pursuing surebet opportunities. A draw isn’t an option in tennis, so punters are balancing the stake between two players in the way that either bet will bring them profits.


This is another sport where punters pick a winner of the match, eliminating the prospect of a tie. The odds can move very fast in basketball, and those changes can create gaps that punters can take advantage of to place their surebets.

Examples for Surebet Betting

If you are still puzzled with this strategy, don’t worry, we are going to walk you through some practical examples. You will see how surebets work on a particular event, and this concept will be more straightforward for you.

Winning example of Surebet

You were scanning the tennis offer, and one match got your attention. It is the clash between Thiem and Dimitrov, and these are the odds on offer.

Bookie A


Bookie B

If you place ten units on Dimitrov to win at the odds of 2.00, you will get a potential payout of 20 units. Oppositely, you want to back Thiem at the odds of 2.20 with nine units, which provides you a return of 19,80 units. Your total stake for both bets is 19 units, and you can make a profit of 0,80 if Thiem wins or one unit if Dimitrov celebrates a victory.

Losing example of Surebet

Let’s stick to the same event as in the winning example. You have placed a wager at Dimitrov to win at 1.95, but while processing your other bet, the bookie lowered the odds on Thiem at 1.85. You missed the opportunity to take advantage of higher odds, and neither bet will cover your entire stake.

Is a Surebet Bet a Good Bet?

Indeed, surebet can provide you with guaranteed profits, but you always need to be ready for a quick move. Bookmakers won’t wait for too long before they spot any disbalance in the sports betting market, and you need to catch the gaps before them. Keep in mind these tips before making surebets, so that you can be more successful.

5 Tips for your next bets

  1. Dip into unpopular markets: If you intend to look for surebets for Premier League matches, you probably won’t find anything. Bookies focus on the most popular events and rarely make mistakes since millions of people are wagering those. On the other hand, they don’t invest so much time adjusting the prices for low-wagered markets, and that’s where you should look for an opportunity.
  2. Explore obscure leagues: Like the first tip, lower leagues can fly under the radar as bookmakers can miss some vital information about teams. Therefore, you may find significant differences in the odds offered.
  3. Search the early stages of the market: The time when sportsbooks are vulnerable the most is when the market gets opened. As time passes by, they can react and remove any discrepancies in the offer.
  4. Do your maths properly: Carefully balance your stakes so that you can get profits from your surebets. You should manipulate the bankroll and numbers well not to miss the opportunity of maximizing winnings from your arb bets.
  5. Make quick moves: As soon as you spot the chance for making a surebet, don’t hesitate at all. Things can change within seconds, and a good opportunity can fly away.

Which betting site is the best to bet on?

You are now ready to implement a surebet into your wagering experience. Go straight to 10Cric sportsbook website,  and register for an online account. Monitor the chances in different markets closely, and as soon as you spot a chance for getting sure profits, place a wager. Make sure to cover all possible outcomes and balance your stakes properly so that you can count on winnings!

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Conclusion: Should you try a Surebet Bet? Of course!
Surebet strategy can be time-consuming and challenging, but you can turn it into a profit generator if you are patient enough. Monitoring the markets is important, but making the right and quick moves is even more crucial. You can capitalize on gaps in the market and get profits no matter who wins the match. Remember, bookmakers are also humans prone to making mistakes that wait to be discovered by you!
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