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April 25, 2022
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Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.

Best American Express US Betting Sites in 2022

American Express has been around for over 170 years and embodies one of the most used and trusted brands in the US when it comes to credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s cheques. As such, it comes off as a natural deposit choice for many online sports betting and sports gambling aficionados too.

A reliable payment processor, Amex is defined by universal standards across the board. It certainly attracts attention as soon as you see the brand’s recognizable centurion logo. Being able to use your credit card at sportsbooks plays a huge role when picking the best for you! So let’s take a look at some of our favorite betting sites that accept American Express.

American Express: How it works!

Online gambling has been letting itself in for quite some time now and American players can enjoy a number of different sports betting sites nowadays, whether it’s international sportsbooks or well-known US companies providing the service. Still, Amex has been held back by regulations to a degree and it’s only been a while since bettors get a chance to use their cards on several different sites. As a predominantly US-based brand, American Express offers great security through a number of methods. Quite similarly to other credit cards, such as VISA and MasterCard, Amex offers ease of use when making deposits as well as speed, high deposit limits, and bonuses.

Top betting sites with American Express

There certainly are not as many sports betting sites in offer for American Express users in United States as one might want. However, we do have some great options in mind and we strongly recommend you take a closer look at some of them below.

Choose your state
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
West Virginia
100% up to
$10 - $500,000
Deposit Limit
$10 - $100,000
Withdrawal Limit
100% up to
$10 - $100,000
Deposit Limit
$10 - $40,000
Withdrawal Limit
100% up to
$10 - $38,000
Deposit Limit
$10 - $50,000
Withdrawal Limit
100% up to
$10 - $5,000
Deposit Limit
$10 - $5,000
Withdrawal Limit

Payment procedure with American Express

Once you’ve done your investigation and decided which sportsbook you want to go with, setting the account up will be an easy process. All of our sportsbook reviews cover it in great detail, getting you to the point of the first deposit:

Steps Box Background
  1. Step 1: Pick American Express as the payment method
  2. Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  3. Step 3: Enter your credit card details
  4. Step 4: Confirm and get instant funds on your account
American Express is one of the most popular credit cards in the USA and is used by citizens for shopping both online and offline. When it comes to online betting sites, AMEX is commonly accepted by bookies for deposits, but is a method that does not enable withdrawals. For that reason, players who decide to use American Express cards to make their betting deposits will need to find another option for future cashouts.

Attention: No withdrawal with AMEX
It’s important to note that AMEX betting sites do not allow withdrawals with American Express as your preferred option. You will need to make sure you have more methods once you decide to request it.

American Express: You need this before your first payment

Now that you’ve learned what betting sites accept American Express, you will want to get on with the process. As with any credit card or gambling experience, it’s important to take caution. Whether you’re going with a credit card or a charge card, we strongly advise learning the basics of what it can do. Research annual fees, instant fees, as well as all key terms such as bonuses and limits to moving money! Ultimately, find what suits you best.

There a few things to bear in mind if you want to open a new card or become a first-time cardholder too. For example, you have to be over 21 years of age, have no history of bad debt, or bankruptcy filing in the past seven years.

You can apply for American Express credit and charge cards online. Go to the Amex website, find the Credit Card section and move to:

  • Select the card you want and click Apply.
  • Enter personal details (including name, date of birth, address, and more).
  • Enter financial details (including income, bank details, etc).
  • Review and submit the application.
  • Get an e-mail confirmation and then send the required documents to confirm your ID as well as status.

Pros and Cons of American Express

Advantages of American Express

Amex is a reputable brand and one of the most used credit cards in the United States, which probably serves as the most notable advantage there is. Just seeing sports betting sites that accept American Express have their logo at the bottom is enough for many players to feel safer when choosing where to deposit money. It means great data security and the highest standards of processing transactions. While the processor will not serve as an intermediary between the player and sportsbooks, any complaints would surely have Amex distance themselves from such a business.

If you have a credit card on your hands, it also serves as speedy access to online bookmakers and an easy way to fund your account with deposits. The bonuses included vary from one sportsbook to another but certainly serve as a great way to cancel out potential fees one might be facing. Generally, American Express also provides players with higher deposit limits and does not extend the time limits needed to process such payments, which could be a great factor for high-rollers and players who can boast a bigger bankroll.

Disadvantages of American Express

As with any online sports betting method, American Express credit and charge cards come with downsides. The most prominent one is the fact players cannot use it to withdraw money from sportsbooks. Consequently, bettors have to take into account that they will need another banking method when the time comes to pay out their potential winnings.

As said, Amex is a predominantly US brand and as such, it’s as widely represented in the rest of the world. While some regard this as a disadvantage for the company, it will make no actual difference for US players looking at online sports betting sites to make deposits on.

It is more important to note that American Express credit and charge cards hold established interest rates, which will depend on each user’s credit score. This serves as a fee of its own and must be taken into concern before choosing Amex as your preferred payment option. Indeed, it could make a difference on any of the suggested American Express gambling sites.

  • Renowned brand and everything that comes with it
  • Great security in place
  • Speed when making deposits from an existing card
  • American Express cannot be used to request a withdrawal
  • Fees and interest rates on credit and charge cards

Usual processing time & fees for payments with American Express

Before you deposit money and grab any bonus offered by the sports betting site, it’s also important to learn more about the timeframes and potential fees you have to expect. As said, these could differ but sportsbook providers will usually charge no fees for deposits. Almost any deposit you make with Amex will be instantly available on your account too. Still, there are interest rates and you have to consider these as fees if you are not able to return funds by the end of the month. Grabbing and clearing a welcome bonus in time could make up for the interest rates you are charged.

Additionally, withdrawals are not available with American Express and there could be fees you will have to pay with a payment method you choose. We strongly advise bettors to discover options and pick what best suits them even before funding the account in the first place. You do not want to have potential winnings stuck in the account with no way to get to your money. As part of our in-depth approach to online betting, you can find more information on the processing times and potential fees for any of the methods on our website.

American Express Betting Sites: Frequently asked & answered
Conclusion: Amex is not a fan favorite for nothing
As with any sports betting deposit method, American Express has its ups and downs. Players enjoy higher limits when funding accounts this way but face interest rates, which could be seen as sort of a fee on any deposit. A bonus could be used to cover it, though, and many players make it count. You can create a sportsbook account or find more details on best site offerings and bonuses through our detailed reviews!
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