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Richard Miller
Richard Miller
Last Updated:
November 12, 2020
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Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. He has a Science Degree, visited Harvard University and is now our hardworking Editor-in-Chief at BettingBilly.
Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. He has a Science Degree, visited Harvard University and is now our hardworking Editor-in-Chief at BettingBilly.

Iowa Online Sports Betting in 2020

Sports Betting in Iowa: Legal in 2020

Iowa became the 11th state to legalize sports betting in America, following the 2018 Supreme Court decision that repealed PASPA and made it possible for states to regulate their own sports betting. Sports betting in Iowa was legalized in May 2019 and retail betting launched in August that same year, with first online bookies popping up in late 2019. All of this was made possible after the passing of Senate File 617 in the State Senate. We take a detailed look at players’ betting options in Iowa and bring you a full rundown of all live and online betting locations.

Land-based Betting Operators & Racetracks in Iowa 2020

Retail sports betting in Iowa first launched in August 2018, when the first casinos were granted an operating license. Iowa sports betting regulations dictate that the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is in charge of licensing all sports betting operators. Only live casino operators may apply for a betting license. To date, 19 of the state’s casino operators have successfully been granted such a license.

According to the gambling laws in Iowa, all adults over the age of 21 may gamble on sports in any of the live casinos in the state. The regulations state that every casino that wishes to provide betting services must pay a USD 45.000 licensing fee, which is reasonably low compared to some other states. Retail betting is also taxed at a low rate of just 6.75% which is significantly lower than most other states in which sports betting is allowed.

Players who choose to bet in live casinos can access a wide range of betting options, ranging from the most popular American competitions to various international sports tournaments and leagues. However, keep in mind that the most markets and options will always be available for matches of local teams and those that are of particular interest in the state of Iowa itself.

Online Betting in Iowa 2020

Both retail and online sports betting in Iowa were officially launched on August 15, 2019. Online betting licenses are given only to live casino operators who can also organize retail betting in their live establishments. According to the Iowa sports betting bill, each casino can operate two different betting sites, with many other states only allowing a single site per operator.

All 19 Iowa based casinos have already applied for licenses and been granted the permission to launch online betting sites. The online betting in Iowa are thus plentiful, with a number of casinos partnering with betting operators from abroad to launch online betting sites.

Online betting in Iowa allows players to engage in pretty much the same kinds of betting as retail betting. Hundreds of games and thousands of betting markets are available on a daily basis, ranging from simple point spreads to various prop bets, pleasers, teasers and more.

Players looking to get involved with online sports betting in Iowa can choose any of the available sports betting sites and apps and can sign up with multiple operators at the same time. Each online sportsbook offers special bonuses and promotions that add extra value to the betting experience, so choosing to play on multiple sites is usually a good decision.

Mobile Sports Betting in Iowa 2020

When it comes to betting on mobile devices, Iowa is one of the states that included mobile betting in its original betting bill. The first Iowa sports betting apps have already launched, with more in the works. Each operator can launch up to 2 separate betting apps, which means there will be plenty of different opportunities for mobile betting in this state.

At this time, players can sign up with any sports betting app they choose via the internet, and the gambling age compliance is left down to the players. However, identity checks are made when trying to withdraw cash from the apps. Starting with January 1, 2021 however, players will have to physically come to the casinos in order to sign up for mobile betting accounts, which will ensure that only adults can create accounts and that there is full compliance with the regulations.

Iowa Betting Site List: Legal Sportsbooks in Iowa 2020

Favorite Sports and Teams in Iowa

Iowa may not be a state that has any big NFL or NBA teams but when it comes to college football, University of Iowa is one of the greatest in all of the USA. Their famous Kinnick Stadium is well known as one of the toughest for all visiting teams across the tournament.

Apart from the University of Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa are another two competitive teams that routinely give their opponents a hard time and make the Hawkeye state a true cradle of college football.

Apart from domestic teams, the state is also home to numerous Chicago Cubs fans, most likely due to the affiliation between Iowa Cubs and the Chicago Cubs, sister clubs. Of course, regardless of all the other teams, the fans in Iowa really live and breathe for the Iowa Hawkeyes and the bookies are certain to be seeing more bets on this team than all the others combined during the actual football season.

What you Can and Can’t Bet on in Iowa

All sports betting in Iowa is regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, the body responsible for regulating all gambling in the state. According to their regulations, players in Iowa can place bets on all professional sports, but restrictions apply when it comes to amateur sports. No prop betting is allowed on college sports, meaning you will not be able to place prop bets when your local college teams are playing, in order to keep the games clean and uncorrupted.

Apart from this simple restriction, players in Iowa can bet on anything they like. Each Iowa sportsbook offers a reasonable range of betting options, with leagues like the NFL, NBA and NHL getting the most attention. Matches in these major American leagues are offered with dozens of different markets and fantastic betting odds, especially when local teams are in action.

Gambling in Iowa: Since when is it legal to Bet

Like most states, Iowa did not have legal gambling until the late 20th century. Before then, people still gambled, but bets were made illegally either between players themselves or with illegal bookmakers. The first legal betting options came in 1983, when pari-mutuel betting was allowed and people could finally bet on horse races at the tracks.

Just two years after the legalization of pari-mutuel betting, the State Lottery was also founded. The Lottery started organizing number draws and similar games, which were previously banned under the Constitution of Iowa. In 1989, the state also allowed gambling on excursion boats, but live casinos were not yet legalized.

Slot games finally became a reality at the racetracks in 1994 and live casinos came to the state soon afterwards, with a total of 19 casinos now operating in the state. Today, there are riverboat, commercial and tribal casinos all operating in Iowa.

Finally, 2019 completed the legalization process of gambling in Iowa. Iowa sports gambling was legalized in the 2019 sports betting bill, which allowed both retail and online betting, along with mobile betting options. Today, players in the state can bet both live and online, but online casinos and online poker sites still remain only a dream for players who enjoy these types of gambling action.

Gambling Guide: Iowa Online Betting

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Conclusion: Enjoy Iowa Sports Betting
Iowa was one of the states to legalize sports betting once it was made possible by the repealing of the federal PASPA law. Now that legal bookies are finally available in the state, you can check out a full list and reviews of the best Iowa betting sites here at Betting Billy and start betting real cash on any sports of your choice. Place single match bets or parlays and enjoy the thrill and excitement of sports betting in real time with the top Iowa sports betting apps.

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