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Richard Miller
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June 2, 2022
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Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. He has a Science Degree, visited Harvard University and is now our hardworking Editor-in-Chief at BettingBilly.
Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. He has a Science Degree, visited Harvard University and is now our hardworking Editor-in-Chief at BettingBilly.

New Hampshire Online Sports Betting in 2022

Sports Betting in New Hampshire: Legal in 2022

Legal sports betting in New Hampshire was first considered during the 2019 legislative session in the state. After some adjustments and debate, the New Hampshire sports betting bill H480 was passed in July 2019 by Governor Chris Sununu. The bill is significantly different to those that regulate sports betting in other states, giving exclusivity on mobile sports betting to just one operator and giving towns the opportunity to regulate their own retail sports gambling locations.

Land Based Betting Operators & Racetracks in New Hampshire 2022

Unlike some other states across America which regulated sports betting in a way that gave live casinos the chance to organize retail betting first, New Hampshire went the other way around. The main reasoning behind that is the fact that other forms of gambling are not legal within the state.

New Hampshire sports betting was first legalized in the online arena, with DraftKings Sportsbook being given exclusive rights to organize it. The New Hampshire Lottery will be overseeing all sports betting activities in the state, while each city and town will be able to regulate retail betting locations on its own.

To date, six cities in New Hampshire have approved sportsbooks and created a framework within which they will operate, with significant taxation and somewhat limited scope of betting options to be allowed. Nevertheless, this will be the first time in the history of New Hampshire that gambling aside from lottery is legal, so people will likely be flocking to these retail locations regardless.

Online Betting in New Hampshire 2022

Unlike retail, online sports betting in New Hampshire is already live and initially started in early 2020. The state decided to avoid the process of issuing multiple sports betting licenses and instead just give the license to a single operator that proves to be the best fit in their opinion.

The DraftKings Sportsbook won this competition and became the first and only holder of the online sports betting license in New Hampshire. Their betting site went live in the early days of 2020 and has already produced reasonable results, although the small population of the state is the limiting factor for any sports betting operators there.

The exclusive agreement between the state and DraftKings will have the popular DFS company paying up to 50% of its revenues to the states as taxes, with expectations of over USD 11 Million per year to be made in taxes from sports betting in New Hampshire.

While the New Hampshire numbers certainly do not impress in comparison to those of some other states, the one surprising thing is the age at which players will be able to place their bets. The legal New Hampshire sports betting age stands at just 18, more similar to European than an American law.

Mobile Sports Betting in New Hampshire 2022

Mobile sports betting is in fact the main focus of the New Hampshire sports betting law, which revolves around making a single operator responsible for all mobile sports betting in the state. This license was also issued to DraftKings Sportsbook, the only online operator who will be able to provide its services to the residents of New Hampshire within the law.

This first ever New Hampshire sports betting app has already launched in early 2020 and is now available to all persons over the age of 18 who find themselves physically within the borders of this state. Players from other states can also open accounts, but will not be able to place bets until they find themselves within New Hampshire, due to the geolocation restrictions that are in place. The app allows betting on all sorts of professional and amateur sporting events in USA and abroad.

New Hampshire Betting Site List: Legal Sportsbooks in 2022

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Favorite Sports & Teams in New Hampshire

What You Can and Can’t Bet on in New Hampshire

When the state of New Hampshire legalized its sports betting, there were not many restrictions put into place. In fact, the bookmakers who are issued retail betting licenses and the single mobile betting operator are able to provide betting markets at their own discretion with very few restrictions.

All professional sports are already available for betting at DraftKings, along with the major college competitions and leagues. The one exception that was introduced into the bill is betting on local college teams, which is not allowed. This provision was put in there to prevent possible corruption and attempts of match fixing among amateur players and clubs that may be more susceptible to it.

Apart from these college games not being available in New Hampshire, no high school or other amateur sports that involve minors can be found on any betting offer in a legal bookmaker within the state. This provision exist in pretty much every state that legalized betting, so it comes as no surprise in New Hampshire either.

Gambling in New Hampshire: Since when is it legal to Bet?

Like most states around America, New Hampshire introduced pari-mutuel betting as the first form of legal gambling in the state, back in 1933. This included making bets on greyhound races and horse races at live racetracks across the state. For decades, this type of gambling thrived in New Hampshire, but declining numbers saw the races suspended altogether in 2013.

The charitable gambling laws allow players to play some casino games, poker and bet on races from other states at the actual racetracks. Yet, these are all limited in some ways and there is no real gambling action in New Hampshire apart from these to speak of. A bill that would regulate actual casinos was never passed and sports betting was stalled due to PASPA.

With no real casinos and limited charity gambling options, the introductions of New Hampshire online betting came as a real thrill to locals who were hungry to get some action finally going. Today, players throughout the state can make sports bets on their mobile devices in a safe and legal manner.

What’s more, there is now talk of possible regulation for casinos, that may see tribal or state licensed casinos finally introduced in New Hampshire. With potential players waiting for so long for this to happen, we may be looking at an actual revolution in terms of gambling in this state.

Gambling Guide: New Hampshire Online Betting

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Conclusion: Enjoy New Hampshire Sports Betting
New Hampshire betting is finally completely legal and players can now place bets in the real world and online. All you need to do to get started with your first bet is sign up with the best New Hampshire sports betting site, make your initial deposit, claim your bonus and get started. The betting options are plentiful and real cash winnings are waiting to be picked up so sign up today and get in on the action.
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