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Richard Miller
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May 6, 2022
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Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. He has a Science Degree, visited Harvard University and is now our hardworking Editor-in-Chief at BettingBilly.
Richard was Marketing Manager at a global bookmaker and worked in the enterntainment sector for decades before working his way up in the world of entrepreneurs. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports and politics. He has a Science Degree, visited Harvard University and is now our hardworking Editor-in-Chief at BettingBilly.

Oregon Online Sports Betting in 2022

Sports Betting in Oregon: Legal in 2022

Oregonians had been familiar with sports betting long before the Supreme Court ruled the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) unconstitutional in May 2018. They were in a position to place bets on the outcome of NFL matches since 1989 through Oregon Lottery’s Sports Action. The habit had to be stopped in 2007 under the NCAA pressure. Nonetheless, the 2018 PASPA repealing cleared the way for states to individually decide whether or not to introduce sports betting within their borders. Oregon did so in August 2019.

Land-based Betting Operators & Racetracks in Oregon 2022

Historically looking, Oregon has been one of the four “exception” states in terms of PASPA. The law that prohibited sports betting anywhere in the United States did not affect the Oregonians’ habits of placing parlay wagers on their favorite NFL games. Single bets were not allowed as the bettors had to successfully predict outcomes on at least three matches of the round to win cash. These bets had to go exclusively through the state’s lottery as it had (and still has) the monopoly when it comes to sports betting. Following the aforementioned repealing of PASPA in the spring of 2018, Oregon sports betting was fully legalized one year later (in August 2019). State’s lottery took advantage of the position and the firepower to welcome the first bettors and accept the maiden sports wagers. All lottery kiosks, regardless of whether they offer instant tickets, keno, or video lottery terminals, can offer sports betting. Besides Oregon State Lottery, tribal casinos are the only ones permitted to provide casino games in the state.  As per the law, it makes them completely eligible to introduce sports betting. Nevertheless, only Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City did so by now. The other nine tribal casinos are expected to follow the example in the near future. The list involves the following names:

  • Indian Head Casino in Warm Springs
  • Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort in Canyonville
  • Kla-Mo-Ya Casino in Chiloquin
  • Old Camp Casino in Burns
  • Three Rivers Casinos in Coos Bay and Florence
  • Wildhorse Resort & Casino in Pendleton
  • Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde
  • The Mill Casino & Hotel in North Bend

Online Betting in Oregon 2022

Oregon State Lottery decided to team up with a European-based company SBTech to make the online sports betting in Oregon available to the bettors across the state for the first time since 2007. Back then, the punters had the chance to test their NFL knowledge by predicting the results of games via the state’s lottery Sports Action program (from 1989 to 2007). The state legislature issued a bill to cease the habit after the Super Bowl 2007 under the pressure from NCAA. Interestingly, Portland was then instantly awarded to host an early-round tournament site.

As a result of the cooperation, the Scoreboard sports betting app was launched in October 2019. Interestingly, Oregon used a somewhat different approach compared to most other states. They tested the waters by allowing online betting first as land-based operators had to wait for the establishment of online betting apps before opening their doors to the public (with an exception of Chinook Winds Casino).

However, the whole process is entirely in the hands of the state lottery. For now, Scoreboard is the only 100% safe place to place online sports wagers in Oregon. No other operator can move the business line online and join the lucrative Oregonian market without teaming up with either state lottery or tribal land-based casinos.

SBTech is a huge brand partnered with the likes of Resorts Casino and Golden Nugget in New Jersey and Churchill Downs in Mississippi and Pennsylvania. The list of competitors eager to join the fun and take advantage of bountiful opportunities in Oregon is quite extensive and involves the giants like DraftKings, FanDuel, 888, and BetStars (among others). Although there is no Oregon sports betting bill limiting the number of legal online sports betting sites in the state, none of them is anywhere near partnerships with a local tribal casino yet, though, which best shows the size of advantage SBTech have gained thanks to the aforementioned deal with the state lottery.

Mobile Sports Betting in Oregon 2022

Run by the state lottery, Scoreboard is the maiden and still the only existing Oregon sports betting app. As briefly discussed above, Oregon is the only state to have allowed mobile sportsbook to be launched before a brick-and-mortar casino operation. If you are wondering whether someone will join SBTech’s platform, we are likely just about to witness a huge expansion when it comes to online betting in Oregon.

Mobile wagering brought large revenue to operators in most states that had already introduced it. According to the state’s lottery reports, Oregon have accepted as much as $5.6 million in bets in no more than half a month since launching the mentioned app. The coronavirus pandemic did affect the further growth but we are expecting the numbers to be much greater in the second half of 2020, especially after the kick-off to the new NFL season.

Oregon Betting Site List: Legal Sportsbooks in Oregon 2022

Favorite Sports and Teams in Oregon

In comparison to some other states, we can’t quite consider Oregon super-rich in terms of the number of successful professional teams. Since Portland Trail Blazers are the Beaver State’s most precious gem, basketball is the most popular sport for Oregonians.

The Blazers have been a regular NBA member since 1970. Seven years upon joining the world’s strongest basketball league, they clinched their maiden (and still lone) championship. When speaking about the state’s most successful club, we can’t forget their Hall of Famers, Drazen Petrovic, Lenny Wilkens, Bill Walton, Clyde Drexler, and Arvydas Sabonis. Damian Lillard has been the team’s main star for years and he will no doubts join this selected group of greats at some point in the future. The super-talented point-guard led the team to the Western Conference finals in 2019, but Golden State Warriors were too strong there.

Besides the Blazers, Oregon is home to two more teams competing in one of the country’s five professional sports. Both are bound to soccer. Portland Timbers easily gather more than 20,000 spectators on average at Providence Park. They have been in the US top tier since 2011, winning the MLS Cup in 2015 (the first and only).

Portland Thorns were one of the founding members of the National Women’s Soccer League in 2012. They won the competition in 2013 and 2017 and led it in average attendance in each of the seasons played since the foundation.

We will complete the list with Portland Winterhawks. They have represented the city in the Western Hockey League since 1976. The team currently shares Moda Center with the Trail Blazers. Sadly, the state does not welcome professional baseball and football teams at this point.

What you Can and Can’t Bet on in Oregon

As mentioned above, the Oregonians had the luxury of placing regular sports bets much before most other states in the country. Oregon betting history dates back to 1989 when the Beaver State lottery established Sports Action. The game permitted bettors to place outcome bets on a different set of NFL affairs on each Matchday. The range of available options was expanded to NBA betting, but such perks lasted no longer than a year as Oregon sports betting laws prohibited wagers on the strongest basketball league due to the presence of Portland Trail Blazers in the competition.

Although PASPA made sports betting illegal across the United States as of 1992, the Oregonians continued their favorite habit until 2005 when NCAA officials proved to be powerful enough to stop any Oregon sports betting online form.

As you know, sports wagering (both online and land-based) returned to Beaver State a year after the PASPA repealing. While players can place bets on all professional sports, college competitions (any kind, in any sport) remain banned for now.

Gambling in Oregon: Since when is it legal to Bet

Oregon is by no means known as a massive gambling state but they do have a rather interesting history associated with the pastime. The Beaver State generally has liberal laws which is why at least some form of gambling has been present ever since the early 1930s there. We’ll go back to 1933 when the legislature passed a Pari-Mutuel Wagering Act legalizing greyhound and horse racing. The state’s Racing Commission was immediately established with the role of a governing body. Currently, you can find four horse tracks in Oregon, involving Crooked River Roundup Racing, Harney County Fairgrounds, Grant Pass Downs, and Portland Meadows.

Moving forward, Oregon allowed social gaming in 1973. If you are by any chance unfamiliar with the term, it prohibits the host to benefit from the organization in any possible way. Three years later, bingo and raffles were allowed for charitable gaming, while Oregon State Lottery was authorized in 1984. The government issued the bill to allow lottery in order to prevent the state’s residents to buy tickets from neighboring Washington. Video lottery machines were first seen at bars and restaurants in 1992.

We now come to the aforementioned 1989 when legal sports betting was first introduced in the state thanks to the lottery’s Sports Action. The maiden land-based casino was opened in 1994 by Cow Creek Tribe. Greyhound racing and sports betting were prohibited in 2004 and 2007 respectively, but only to make the comeback in 2019, following the PASPA annulment.

Gambling Guide: Oregon Online Betting

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Conclusion: Enjoy Oregon Sports Betting
Oregon can hardly be considered a gaming paradise, especially compared to bigger states where such a pastime is more popular. However, they still possess more than enough options to keep any sports betting aficionado satisfied. Sports betting is now fully legal and regulated in the Beaver State and we can only expect this exciting niche to grow in the months/years to come.
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