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Golf Predictions, Expert Picks, Parlays & Odds 2021

Are you a massive fan of golf and tuned into every tournament imaginable? Do you just enjoy watching the sport on occasion? In either case, you might just be able to turn your passion for golf into serious profit with the help of our professional golf predictions. Dished out by some of the top tipsters in the game, our golf tips may just be what you were missing to start beating the online bookmakers out of serious cash. Learn how you can make use of BettingBilly to win at golf betting and become our member today!

Types of Golf Predictions

Golf predictions

Now we have told you that you can find all sorts of golf picks at BettingBilly, but you may still be wondering how these actually work. With the help of our golf experts, we bring you weekly betting tips for upcoming tournaments across the various popular betting markets. Some of our top golf predictions come in the following markets:

To Win Bets Predictions

The simplest type of bet and the one for which most our predictions are designed is the “to win” market. To win bets are similar to moneyline bets in other sports as they simply focus on which player will win a round of a tournament or the entire tournament. Our betting experts focus on trying to find tournaments in which underdogs with long odds have a solid chance of coming out on top. With their help, you may just end up taking home a big payout when a surprise outcome happens.

Versus the Field Predictions

Betting “versus the field” is a very popular way to bet on golf. Instead of picking out one single player to win the tournament, you can select a group of players to win, or bet on the entire field against one big favorite. You can expect to find plenty of these among our golf betting tips as they tend to offer some of the best odds of all the golf betting markets and can be very entertaining to follow.

Prop Bets Predictions

Prop bets are available in nearly all sports and they include everything that is not a major betting market. In golf, prop bets include both skilled and unskilled bets. Of course, we will never try to predict things that include no skill but we may try to predict the number of birdies on a particular hole and other similar things based on weather conditions, players playing in the tournament and other factors. Prop bets are not our bread and butter picks, but they may get included from time to time.

More than just golf picks

If you are a golf fan, you will fall in love with our golf expert picks quickly. However, golf is not the only sport that our experts enjoy and love and we employ at least one pundit for nearly a dozen different sports. If golf is just not your thing or you also like to delve into other sports, check out the links below and find the picks for your sport of choice:

What Bets are Usually Placed on Golf?

Golf bets

The golf season is a long and exciting one with countless stops around the world. Whether you are into Masters betting, US Open or prefer to bet on European Tour and PGA Tour, there is always something to bet on in the world of golf.

As previously noted in our top prediction types, the most popular bet to make on golf is the simple to win bet. These bets focus on the winner of a particular tournament or a round of a tournament and often come with some favorable odds, especially if you don’t bet on the heavy favorites.

If you are not sure what particular player you want to bet on, you can bet on a whole group of players by placing an “versus the field” bet. Multiple groups are usually offered with different odds and each group consists of players from a skill range or a nationality. If you make this bet, any of these players winning the tournament will land you the win.

Head to head matchups are another common market in golf betting. These bets don’t take the tournament as a whole into consideration at all and it won’t matter how your pick did against the whole field. Instead, you are simply betting on one player to do better than one particular other player. Head to head bets are common among fans of certain players who like to bet on their guy to do better than their closest counterparts.

Nice to know: Betting types
Do you know about betting types? They are the craft of successful bettors. If you want to learn more about the different betting types, check out our betting types section. Here we have explained all the important betting types in detail.

Golf Predictions: What You Should Know about BettingBilly

Golf at BettingBillyFew other sites out there provide the kind of service that BettingBilly provides for free. On this page, you can find out free golf betting picks along with expert tips and analysis of all upcoming tournaments. Golf fans and betting aficionados can make the best of these predictions and tip the scales in their favor when placing their next bet.

Golf is not all we do however, as BettingBilly experts cover every sport in the USA and abroad. Among them, our pundits offer decades of experience and knowledge, combined with premium statistical analysis and a keen eye for value in sports betting markets.

While most people think they have what it takes to beat the bookies, this is hardly the truth. In fact, only a small fraction of all bettors win in the long run and we happen to keep a great number of them in our employ. At BettingBilly, you will find predictions, parlays and tips from leading experts in each sport and be able to copy their tips without any charge.

Before you proceed to look at the tips and use them in your own betting, make sure you understand how they work. The two most important metrics you should understand before you bet are units and ROI, which will tell you whether you should copy a certain tip and how much you should bet on it.

This is a unit

The size of your bet combined with the betting odds of a pick is what makes up your final win. Our betting experts understand that every player has a different bankroll to work with, so we never advise on the exact bet size in dollar value. Instead, the betting units parameter is used to suggest the proper bet size for each of our golf picks and predictions.

You can look at betting units as small fractions of your overall bankroll. Each pick we put on Billy’s List will have a number of betting units attached to it as well. The more betting units we suggest you place on a certain pick, the more certain we are of it. On the other hand, picks with small unit counts next to them are the long shots that our pundits believe are worth taking simply for the amazing odds on them.

This is ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is the key statistical parameter used to track profit in any kind of investment, including sports gambling. In order to show you just what our pundits can do, we keep track of all their picks and parlays and we sum up all their wins and losses and show it to you through the ROI stat.

If you want to make sure you are making profitable bets, we always recommend taking tips from pundits with the highest ROIs out there. Any positive ROI over a big sample of bets is good, but you want to be looking for experts who are making more than 5% on their picks in order to really know you are beating the bookies in the long run.

Computer vs. Expert Picks: Advantages of Expert Picks

Recommending what bets to make is something many people do, but few can do with actual success. Most tipster websites out there actually present their users with sheer computer picks, which are nothing but simple statistical analysis of the match that a basic computer algorithm can do. While these tips can be useful to an average punter, they are not enough to win money with sports betting in the long run.

All our PGA golf picks come from actual golf betting experts who have an understanding of the game that goes far beyond what any computer could do. Our pundits live and breathe golf and track each player’s form as well as all sports news and other important criteria that can tip the scales in a certain tournament. To really get the best value from your bet, you want to look at the tips that are brought to you by our world class sports betting experts.

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Tips & Tricks: Top 7 Advice from our Betting Experts

If you are looking to bet on golf, you should really be a keen observer of the game and give yourself some time to learn all the ins and outs of this sport before you get into the action. If you have been around for a while, we have a few tips that you will want to keep in mind in order to make your betting more profitable:

Steps Box Background
Best Tips from BettingBilly
  1. Understand the course: Any real golf fan understand how different courses can be better for certain players. Make sure you know what kind of a course a tournament is played on before placing your bets, as this is one of the key elements.
  2. Keep track of the weather: The weather can play just as big of a role as the actual course. Certain golfers are better at dealing with poor weather, while others only perform when the skies clear and the wind is slow. Make sure to factor this in as well.
  3. Don’t fall to media hype: The media hype is something that fans fall prey to in any sport. Don’t listen to what the TV is saying on who is the favorite to win and look to actual experts and your own understanding of the game.
  4. Find value in the odds: You may think a certain golfer will win the tournament, but if the odds are poor there is really no point in betting on him. Make sure to place your bets when the balance of odds and probability is favorable for you.
  5. Bet what you can afford: Always remember to keep a bankroll large enough for the bets you are making. Don’t bet more than you can afford and never put yourself in a situation where you are lacking money for expenses on account of sports betting.
  6. Take a betting bonus: To help keep a healthier bankroll, you should take any sports betting bonus you can. There are plenty of bonuses out there so shop around and make full use of them.
  7. Use our betting picks: Our golf tips and predictions are some of the best on the internet and they are completely free to all our users. Make sure to always capitalize on this and never forget to check Billy’s List before you place your bets of the day.
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Conclusion: Start betting on your favorite golfers
Golf is not the sport most people bet on a daily basis, but it is one that can be extremely profitable for the savvy punters. If you sign up to BettingBilly, you can get a hold of free golf predictions today which will give you a significant edge over the sports betting sites. Create your account now to access Billy’s List in full and place your first profitable golf bet as early as today.

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