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NASCAR Predictions, Expert Picks, Parlays & Odds 2021

Are you a fan of speed, adrenaline and auto sports? If you are, there is likely no other sport that will put you on the edge as much as NASCAR, America’s favorite racing sport. With 36 regular races in the season, there are countless NASCAR betting opportunities every year. This is why we regularly prepare our NASCAR predictions, created by our leading experts of cars, races and the sport itself. Keep reading and find out what’s on the ticket for this week.

Types of NASCAR Predictions

NASCAR predictions

Apart from Formula 1, there is hardly a racing sport as popular among the fans and general public as NASCAR. The popular NASCAR Cup Series is something that can keep you busy almost throughout the year, with races happening across 36 weeks between February and November. This is why our diligent team of NASCAR experts makes sure to regularly update you with free NASCAR picks every week of the season. These are some of the types of predictions you can expect to find on Billy’s List:

NASCAR stage winner predictions

Each NASCAR race is split up into three stages, which gives you plenty of opportunities to make your bets, especially if you want to bet live while the race is happening. Stage winner predictions are not too common on BettingBilly, because it really isn’t easy to predict stages before the race even starts. We will sometimes predict the Stage 3 winner, as that’s the big one that decides who wins the meet and who advances to the playoffs.

NASCAR race winner predictions

The majority of our NASCAR betting picks fall into this category. Our experts take a long and hard look at each race and try to come up with realistic picks for the winner that will make you money. We don’t like to bet on the heavy favorite as there is little value in that, so expect to be gunning for some of the other drivers at slightly longer odds to win each individual race. Remember that multiple drivers win races each season, so there is plenty of room in the winner market to make good value bets.

NASCAR champion predictions

The one bet that you can make at the start of the season and throughout the regular course is the champion bet. Betting on which driver will end up winning the entire Cup is something that most NASCAR fans will want to do and we do our best to bring you great predictions for this market. We suggest betting heavier on the overall season winner, as there is only one single time per season that you can capitalize on this particular market.

More than just NASCAR predictions

At BettingBilly we love NASCAR and racing sports in general. However, we understand that there is only a limited number of good bets you can make on NASCAR races each season, so we place picks and predictions for many other sports and leagues throughout the year as well. You can find our free betting tips for other sports by following the links on the list below:

What Bets are Usually Placed on NASCAR?


Unlike group sports like football or basketball which offer many different betting markets, NASCAR bettors are relatively limited in terms of what they can bet on. For the most part, players tend to place wagers on the classic moneyline bet market, trying to guess which driver will win the race outright. This is the most popular market among NASCAR bettors for sure and one that does not need much explanation

Apart from betting which driver will win the whole race, you can also bet on each of the three stages of a race. These bets are especially interesting if you are betting live while watching the race and you want to get some action going. Similarly, prop bets are a fun way to spice it up, trying to guess which driver will get the fastest lap and other similar props that can’t really be guessed by any real analysis and are mostly luck-based.

Finally, you may want to try betting on which drivers will make it to the playoffs by placing a combo bet with several different names. If they all end up making it, you may just be looking at a decent price for the whole slip.

Nice to know: Betting types
Anyone who wants to place successful sports bets must know the basics. You should therefore be well acquainted with betting types and betting odds. If this is not yet the case, we recommend our betting odds guide and the betting types section on BettingBilly.

NASCAR Predictions: What You Should Know about BettingBilly

NASCAR at BettingBilly

If you have made your way to this page, chances are that you are already quite familiar with NASCAR as a sport and know what you are looking for. Our NASCAR expert picks are just a part of our overall offer that includes picks for other sports, valuable information and tips for betting in general and even a powerful parlay calculator to make use of.

When it comes to NASCAR predictions in particular, it is important to explain how exactly they work. Unlike many other sites that will hit you with some pretty obvious choices or random bets, we post predictions from actual pundits who are experts in a particular sport. For NASCAR, we have several knowledgeable bettors who share their input and have been successfully betting on this sport for years.

Like all other tips and predictions presented at BettingBilly, all our NASCAR predictions are certainly profitable in the long run. You can check out each of our pundits’ personal profiles and find out how they have done in the past betting on both NASCAR and other sports.

However, before you can start making any bets with our tips, you should understand how they work exactly, how much you should bet and how you can know if our experts are actually profitable. These are the two key parameters you need to understand.

This is a unit

A betting unit is simply a percentage of your overall betting bankroll. Like with any gambling, you should make sure to have a substantial bankroll behind you if you plan to bet on NASCAR or other sports. Since we can’t know what kind of a bankroll each of you has, we simply express how much you should bet in terms of betting units. The more units we suggest you bet, the more sure we are of the bet.

When you are trying to use our betting predictions, remember to always look at the betting units we recommend for a certain bet. This is extremely important because if you bet the same amount on each of our picks, you would be losing value on some and getting into too much trouble with others. Make sure to listen to our betting experts and things will go your way.

This is ROI

The second important thing is that you know what kind of a pundit you are actually working with. Anyone can come up with betting tips, but in order to be sure they are profitable you will want to see the pundit’s betting history. Fortunately for you, we understand this and make sure to show you just how well our pundits are doing.

Each of our betting experts has a personal profile of his own on our website. In their profile, you can find various statistics, including the ROI (return on investment). Each pundit’s ROI is expressed in percentages, with anything positive meaning their predictions have beaten the bookies over the long run. The more bets they have placed, the more reliable the ROI statistic actually is.

Computer vs. Expert Picks: Advantages of Expert Picks

The internet today is swarming with betting prediction sites. However, one should be careful about what predictions one uses as most of these sites don’t really add too much value. The computer picks found at various places are simple results of often poorly coded computer algorithms that don’t necessarily help your betting at all.

Unlike such sites, we present you with real NASCAR expert predictions that are created by leading experts for the sport of NASCAR. Our predictions are reliable and profitable in the long term and they are based on insider information that only true experts of the sport can have. No computer in the world can understand the mechanics of cars, psychology of the drivers and other important factors as well as our experts, which is the real reason to put your trust with us.

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Tips & Tricks: Top 7 Advice from our Betting Experts

Before you actually jump on board and start using our betting predictions to make some real money bets, we want you to have the best ideas on how to beat the online bookmakers that you possibly can. This can be helped with a few great tips from our betting experts, so here are the 7 tips they really want you to know:

Steps Box Background
Best Tips from BettingBilly
  1. Bet for the long run: Sports betting is really not about winning any one particular bet, but about winning in the long run. Our experts know this and so should you. Always bet for the long run and don’t worry about variance.
  2. Look for good odds: Even with the help of the best NASCAR predictions out there, you will still want to find the best odds Shop around the different bookmakers and bet at the best price you can possibly find.
  3. Avoid the props: Prop bets can be fun to place a few dollars on, but there is hardly ever any real value in them. Make sure to avoid betting on too many props and instead place your money on the more profitable markets.
  4. Keep your bankroll in check: your bankroll is your most important tool when betting on sports. Make sure you keep a healthy bankroll and replenish it if needed so that you are never in jeopardy of not being able to keep betting.
  5. Always bet legally: With so many legal US betting sites out there nowadays, there is no reason to be with illegal ones. Make sure to avoid any offshore betting platforms for peace of mind and best service possible.
  6. Use betting bonuses: Taking a sports betting bonus can go a long way to help you make more money in the long run. Risk-free bets and actual match bonuses are plentiful out there, so get all that you can.
  7. Stay responsible: Always remember that sports betting is a hobby and entertainment before anything else. Don’t let your betting take over your life or cost you the more important things in life, ever!
NASCAR Predictions FAQs

Conclusion: Let the races begin
BettingBilly is your leading source of reliable and consistent NASCAR betting picks. You can sign up with us now and gain full access to Billy’s List, completely free of charge. Get full access to our NASCAR predictions today and start your journey of betting on one of the most exciting and adrenaline-infused sports out there. We guarantee our picks are as good as they get, so jump on board and get into the action.

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