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NCAAB Predictions
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NCAAB Predictions, Expert Picks, Parlays & Odds 2021

Are you on the lookout for one single tool that will help you approach basketball betting in a whole new way and finally beat the bookies? If so, you are in luck, as BettingBilly provides you with literally everything you need to improve your betting results dramatically. Keep reading and find the best college basketball predictions on this page, along with the tips and tricks from our betting experts to help you crush the sportsbooks once and for all.

Types of NCAAB predictions

NCAAB predictions

College basketball is well known as one of the favorite sports for betting among the true punters in the USA. With so much changing season to season, NCAAB is truly a league worth betting on. Our betting experts are able to adjust quickly and find value in all types of betting markets out there, which is what makes our NCAAB betting picks some of the best in the world. Here are some of the most common types of NCAAB predictions you may find on Billy’s List:

NCAAB moneyline predictions

The simplest way to bet on an NCAAB game is to place a moneyline bet on it. Our moneyline predictions are simple and easy to understand regardless of your experience with sports betting. A moneyline bet is simply one where you choose the winner of the game, or in this case our experts choose for you. If you place one of our moneyline betting picks with an actual betting site, you will need the team you bet on to win, regardless of the result or the way it happens.

NCAAB picks against the spread

To make the odds juicier in games where there is a clear favorite, you can check out our college basketball predictions against the spread. Spread betting is a type of betting where a team must win by a certain margin in order for the win to count. This way, you get to capitalize more on a favorite winning the match if they are able to pull off a significant victory over a weaker opponent. Out pundits often find solid spread bets to make sure you can bet profitably on any game of the week.

Over/Under NCAAB predictions

There are matches in college basketball that are simply too tight for our pundits to decide. However, they don’t always have to decide which team will win as the over/under bet market makes it possible to simply bet on the overall number of points scored, regardless of which team scores more. The over/under betting picks you can find on Billy’s List are a great way to bet on games and be able to simply cheer for an eventful game.

NCAAB proposition predictions

Prop bets are another interesting type of basketball bets that our pundits love to make. Proposition bets can cover a wide range of particular events in a match, from a single player’s performance to the performance of each team, each period etc. Look up some prop bets at BettingBilly and enjoy watching the game and looking for very particular things to fill your pockets.

More than just NCAAB predictions

Of course, as you may have guessed, we don’t predict only NCAAB games and our team includes experts for every type of sport played in the USA. If you are a basketball fan, you should also look at our NBA betting options, or simply follow the links below to find the best betting predictions for each sport:

What Bets are Usually Placed on NCAAB?

Most novice punters start off by betting simply on who will win a sports match, or placing the so called moneyline bets. Of course, these are in fact the most common NCAAB bets made in general, but there are plenty of other betting markets out there that you may want to try your hand at.

When betting college basketball, you will want to learn about the spread betting market as fast as you can, as this is one of the most common markets in the game. Spread bets allow you to get good odds even on heavy favorites and makes betting on NCAAB so much more fun.

Make sure not to forget that you have plenty of other amazing options to bet on, such as the over/under betting and other proposition bets. All of these betting markets can become especially fun during the March Madness tournament, the most exciting time for NCAA betting.

If you want to really mix it up with NCAA bets, than the way to go is by making up some parlays. Parlay bets let you mix together picks from different games and markets and create slips with massive odds and huge potential wins. You can even find some great parlay bets right here at BettingBilly, so make sure to let our pundits give you inspiration for some amazing parlay slips.

Nice to know: Betting types
You want to be successful with sports betting? Then you should be familiar with the different types of bets. It is important to know when to use which type of bet. Some betting types are better and some are less suitable for certain sports.

NCAAB Predictions: What You Should Know about BettingBilly

NCAAB BettingBilly

At BettingBilly, you can find some of the best college basketball picks and parlays in the entire world. Each prediction you find on Billy’s List was hand-picked by one of our basketball experts, who make it their mission in life to beat the online bookmakers out of cold hard cash by betting on basketball matches.

Unlike many other predictions sites that make their tips within minutes, we take our time and our pundits know what they are doing. Each prediction is crafted with care and with the application of all the knowledge and understanding we have gathered over the years.

Every expert employed by BettingBilly is a true basketball aficionado who understands all the ins and outs of this sport. We know all about the players, the teams, current injuries and potential rifts in the locker rooms and we apply all this knowledge to our tips.

This is exactly why our predictions have better results and make more profit than any others you may find out there. Before you start betting however, let us explain how to interpret our tips and how much you can expect to win if you copy them.

This is a unit

One of the most basic parameters attached to each prediction we make is the number of betting units we recommend you bet. Since every bettor has a different bankroll to work with, it is impossible for us to recommend dollar values for your bets. They may be too small or too large for some of you. Instead, our pundits recommend a number of betting units, which you can adjust to the bankroll you have at your disposal.

The bigger the number of units recommended, the bigger percentage of your bankroll you should place on that particular tip. On the other hand, if we recommend a small number of units, the bet is high risk and you should only make a small bet and expect decent returns, as these are bets with the best odds out there.

This is ROI

Once you are registered and listing through Billy’s List, you will gain access to hundreds of betting tips from our experts. However, how will you know what you stand to gain by copying these tips? It’s simple really, because we track the results of every expert who posts tips on BettingBilly.

The way we track their results is through the ROI (return on investment) statistic. Instead of telling you how much money was won, we simply tell you what kind of a return was made, percentage wise. This way, you can know what kind of a long term profit a certain pundit is making with his bets and what kind of a return you can expect if you decide to follow their tips.

Computer vs. Expert Picks: Advantages of Expert Picks

If you have been out looking for some NCAA basketball betting predictions in the past, you have probably come across a great number of sites with such picks. However, most of these sites offer simple computer picks which take no human effort to create whatsoever an not NCAAB expert picks. Picks like these are simple to come by but not of great value as they are the same baseline that the bookies use to form their odds.

At BettingBilly, we offer expert picks, created by our very own pundits whose understanding of basketball as a sports goes far beyond anything you have seen before. All predictions you can find on Billy’s List are product of extensive analysis and hours of work by our leading experts for each sport and you will be hard pressed to find tips as valuable as these anywhere else.

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Tips & Tricks: Top 7 Advice from our Betting Experts

The main mission of the entire BettingBilly team is to help our users get better results when betting on sports. This includes both our betting predictions and general tips for betting on sports. Right here, we list the top 7 advice for anyone looking to bet on NCAAB but also other basketball leagues or sports:

Steps Box Background
Best Tips from BettingBilly
  1. Leave emotions out: In order to profit from sports betting, it is important to bet objectively. This means leaving emotions out of your betting process and making bets based solely on the probabilities and odds.
  2. Find value in the odds: Finding bets whose odds are greater than you would expect is key in finding good bets. Everyone knows the favorites will likely win the game, but finding matches where the odds are good enough on the other side is what makes winning punters.
  3. Look for the best bookmaker: With more and more bookies emerging in the USA nowadays, players are starting to have an actual choice. Always bet with the bookmakers who offers the most value for the bets you are looking to make.
  4. Vary your bet size: Always betting the same size simply does not work. Some wagers merit a larger bet as they are more likely to land, while the less likely bets may require a smaller bet sizing.
  5. Make use of Billy’s List: Billy’s List is loaded with incredibly high-quality free sports picks. Make sure to use these picks whenever possible and give yourself that edge that other bettors simply don’t have.
  6. Look at alternative markets: It is easy to bet on the moneyline market, but looking at spread bets or over/under bets may be the best way to find value. Consult with our experts to find the best market for a particular game.
  7. Gamble for fun firstly: Always remember that sports gambling was invented for fun and make sure you keep this as your most important goal. If you can win some money in the process, even better, but don’t make this your only objective.
NCAAB Predictions FAQs

Conclusion: College basketball is where it’s at?
At BettingBilly, we offer countless different betting picks and parlays on a daily basis, but our free NCAAB picks often provide some of the best value. You can get your hands on our free NCAAB predictions today simply by signing up for an account at BettingBilly. Register today and you could start getting valuable tips that will make you loads of cash over the long run from some of the leading experts in the field of college basketball betting.

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