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NCAAF Predictions
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NCAAF Predictions, Expert Picks, Parlays & Odds 2021

Football is easily the most popular sport in the USA and while the NFL may be the league that most people care about, there is plenty of fun to be had with NCAAF betting as well. Have you been on the lookout for some great NCAAF predictions to bet on? If so, look no further, as BettingBilly has you covered with some of the best betting picks for NCAAF every week.

Types of NCAAF predictions

NCAAF predictions

The NCAAF is a beloved sports league across America as it gives the chance to the youngest and the most promising athletes in the country to shine. When it comes to sports betting, NCAAF is not always on offer at the best sports betting sites in the USA, as some of them don’t allow betting on college sports. However, if you live in a state where college sports betting is available, these are some of the NCAAF picks you will be able to find at BettingBilly:

NCAAF moneyline predictions

The most common type of a sports bet made on NCAAF matches is a moneyline bet. Our moneyline betting predictions for NCAAF are very simple, with our experts picking one side in a match to win. We make sure to only show you predictions where we believe there is actual value to be had by comparing the odds offered and the likelihood we believe there is of a game finishing a certain way.

NCAAF spread betting predictions

Many of our NCAAF picks are actually NCAAF picks against the spread. This is because point spread bets actually make more sense to make than moneyline bets in football. Since there is usually a clear favorite in most games, we go ahead and predict spread bets so as to give you more reasonable betting odds and a better reason to place a bet in the first place.

NCAAF over/under bet predictions

The number of total points scored in a football match is another thing that an expert can possibly predict better than the bookmakers. This is why you will often find an over/under bet prediction on Billy’s List, as it is a great way of getting an upper hand on your bookie. Check the list often for new over/under bet predictions from our football experts.

NCAAF Parlay Picks

This leads us to our NCAAF parlay picks, some of the most exciting predictions we make for the league. Parlays are combination bets with multiple bets from the same league (or multiple leagues), all combined into one single bet. With the odds all multiplied together, you can get some amazing prices on a good parlay and we do our best to provide you with usable and actually profitable parlay tickets you can copy.

More than just NCAAF picks

NCCAF is one of the top leagues for sports gambling with many games going on across the season, but this is not where BettingBilly’s help for you ends. In fact, we have experts for nearly every sport you can think of and they are all available for free. Check out the links below to find picks and predictions for your favorite league or sporting competition:

What Bets are Usually Placed on NCAAF?

NCAAF betting

Football is a sport with many different variables and there is no reason to always bet on just a single market. In fact, the best football betting sites have come up with plenty of innovative betting markets for both the NCAAF and the NFL.

The simplest of all bets you could make on an NCAAF bet is a moneyline bet. Moneyline bets are simple bets on the overall winner of the match, regardless of the result or the flow of the game. If the final score shows the team you bet on as the winner, then you have scored a win on your bet.

The problem with moneyline bets is that they don’t always offer the best odds, as favorites winning the game won’t give you a big return. This is where spread betting kicks in as the next popular method of NCAAF betting. If you want to bet on the favorite to win the game, you can make a spread bet which will require them to win by a certain margin, thus increasing your odds.

Nice to know: Betting types
A good bettor knows when to use which betting types. If you want to learn more about this, you can read our guides on the different betting types and strategies.

Over/under bets and proposition bets are also common among the NCAAF punters. These bets require the total score of the game to be over or under a certain line, while prop bets can include any kind of event in the game or one period of the game.

Whichever bet you choose to make, remember that you can also combine it with other wagers and form an NCAAF parlay bet. These combination bets let you get huge odds on your betting slip and getting all the picks right will net you a profit much higher than simply winning all the singles separately.

NCAAF Predictions: What You Should Know about BettingBilly

NCAAF prediction bets
BettingBilly is the home to some of the best free sports picks in the world. Our team od dedicated sports betting experts makes sure to analyze games each week and find the best bets to put on Billy’s List. Billy’s List is available for free to all the users who sign up for a free account on the website, no strings attached.

But before you take any of our NCAAF expert picks or picks for any other sport, you should understand our process. Our experts don’t work as a team, but rather each one of them offers you betting picks of their own. These picks come as a result of extensive analysis and deep understanding of the sports in question and years of experience that each of our pundits has.

It is only natural for you to be skeptical about these betting picks as you may have heard others talk about their betting prowess in the past but never showing any results for it. To make sure you know what you are dealing with, we actually show our pundits’ results over the long run, expressed through the ROI stat on their profiles. Along with ROI, we urge you to learn more about betting units and how they are used by our experts to give you the right idea on how to make your bets.

This is a unit

A very important thing to decide on when making a sports bet is the size of your bet. The problem we face with telling you how much to bet is that each bettor has a different bankroll to work with and we don’t want to condition you in any way. This is why instead of suggesting the dollar value for you to bet, we recommend a number of betting units for each bet.

You can think of a betting unit as a portion of your bankroll, regardless of its overall size. For each prediction we make, we will also place a unit count for it. The higher the unit count, the more reliable we think the bet is and the more you should bet on it. Bets with low unit counts are usually parlays or regular bets with long odds that we believe there is value in. However, we also want to save you from too much variance and at times we will suggest a smaller bet to make sure you can’t lose too much if the bet fails.

This is ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is a stat often used in both gambling and investing to demonstrate how much money a certain wager or investment will actually make. At BettingBilly, we use ROI to demonstrate the success rate of our pundits and thus show you how reliable and valuable their bets actually are.

Each time one of our experts makes a prediction at BettingBilly, that prediction is logged by our system. All the predictions are added together with the number of recommended betting units and an ROI percentage is calculated. The higher this percentage is for a pundit, the more money he is making with his bets. Any ROI of over 100% means the wagers are making some money, but you should be looking for over 105% to make sure the pundit is actually worth copying.

Computer vs. Expert Picks: Advantages of Expert Picks

There are two main types of college football picks that you will find on the internet. The simpler kind of betting picks are computer picks, generated by computer algorithms that crunch pure data and come up with potentially profitable bets considering the odds offered.

However, computer picks are hardly reliable and they tend not to take into account a great number of factors that our betting experts can. Since a computer has no way of actually understanding things that are happening off the pitch that our experts may know, it will never make predictions that are as good.

The great advantage of expert picks is that our experts have full access to all computer picks and are able to add their experience to them, making them extremely valuable additions to your sports betting efforts.

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Tips & Tricks: Top 7 Advice from our Betting Experts

Now that you understand exactly how our NCAAF picks and parlays work, you are ready to start using them to your advantage. However, before you start making any wagers, here are a few tips and tricks from our experts that will give you an extra edge on the bookies, whether you are betting with our tips or without them:

Steps Box Background
Best Tips from BettingBilly
  1. Bet with legal bookies: The USA is only just setting up the legal betting market and some states don’t yet have any legal bookies. However, the safest betting sites are always the ones that have a legal license to operate in your particular state.
  2. Bet on multiple sites: Having accounts with more than one legal betting site gives you options. Not only can you always get the best odds possible, but you can also make use of various sports betting bonuses that online bookies offer.
  3. Check daily for new picks: Billy’s List is updated every day with the newest picks and parlays from our experts. Every time you log in, you may find a brand new NCAAF expert pick that will make you money that day.
  4. Ease into it: Make sure not to rush into things and start off by betting small and slowly. You don’t have to copy every pick you find at BettingBilly and there is plenty of time to place bets and go for big wins.
  5. Remain analytical: Always remember to stay analytical and look at things from a mathematical standpoint. If the odds on a particular bet aren’t worth it, it really doesn’t matter if the team will win or not.
  6. Try live betting: Live sports betting can be amazingly fun as it lets you bet on the game you are watching live. Install a sports betting app on your phone, sit back and enjoy the show while making some small bets for fun.
  7. Don’t chase losses: One of the most important things in gambling is never to chase after your losses. If you have already lost a bet, there is no point in trying to recover it right away. Keep making profitable bets and you will win in the end.
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Conclusion: Cash in on NCAAF betting
BettingBilly is a free service available to anyone who signs up to the site and wants to use it. You can get your hands on your free NCAAF predictions today and start making profitable bets this very week. Simply create an account with BettingBilly and remember to check in on a regular basis for the best NCAAF picks and parlays available anywhere on the internet.

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