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NHL Predictions, Expert Picks, Parlays & Odds 2021

Are you a fan of hockey and the NHL with some love for sports betting? If so, you have come to the right place, as BettingBilly provides you with the best daily NHL predictions for upcoming games. Our tips and predictions are free of charge and available to anyone who signs up with our site through Billy’s List. Keep reading to find out what’s in store for you and register for your free BettingBilly account today to start making money with our free betting tips.

Types of NHL Predictions

NHL predictions

Unlike football or baseball whose popularity is limited mostly to the USA, hockey is a true international sport with millions of fans in America and abroad. However, we can be proud to host the best hockey league in the world in NHL and here at BettingBilly we bring you a massive selection of premium hockey predictions day in and day out. If you are looking to bet on NHL matches, here are some of the types of tips you can expect to find on this page:

NHL Over/Under Picks

Our NHL betting experts are true fans of the game on top of being great analysts of stats and records. The over/under bets are an ideal way for players to gain an edge over the bookies if they are made in a strategic way. Out betting tips for the over/under market are based on the goaltenders’ GAA stat and other critical statistics as well as the individual predictions made by our tipsters based on extensive experience. Combine these two things and you get some amazing predictions to follow.

NHL Predictions against the Spread

Spread betting is as popular in hockey as it is in other sports and the usual starting point for spread betting in NHL is -1.5 goals. Of course, our tipsters will sometimes go out of their way to find some solid -2.5 or -3.5 spread predictions, but in either case we always make sure to look for value. In addition to regular stats, we make predictions on which teams may go hard in the ending phases of a match and potentially score or concede some extra goals and make a spread bet an excellent choice.

NHL Parlay Picks

Parlay betting has always been the favorite choice of many gamblers who want to see a small bet turn into a massive profit. NHL gives plenty of options in both the moneyline and the spread betting markets as well as other markets. Pick premade parlays with online bookmakers or check out some of our own NHL parlay picks and make bets that might show a massive return every once in a while.

NHL Playoff Picks and Predictions

The playoffs are really where it’s all at in an NHL season and our pundits fully understand this. That’s why we make sure to turn the playoffs season into our special time of the year and give away more picks and predictions than any other time. Look for the best NHL expert tips throughout the playoffs and double your bankroll quickly with some great value bets that we always find for you.

More than juts NHL Predictions

At BettingBilly we love the NHL but we also enjoy other sports just as much. This is exactly why we have different experts focused on all the different sports and competitions out there and fans of all kinds of leagues can find something for themselves on Billy’s List. For betting predictions in other sports, follow the links on the list below:

What Bets are Usually Placed on NHL?

bets on NHL

Every new NHL season brings plenty of excitement to the fans, starting from regular season and ending with the Stanley Cup finals. The whole time our pundits are working diligently to bring you the best NHL predictions and picks, but those with less experience might not even know what to look for.

If you are new to NHL betting, you should probably know that moneyline betting is where most NHL bets are actually placed at. Moneyline betting is a simple market that simply lets you choose the winner of the game. In NHL specifically, the quality of a team’s goaltender can be the decisive factor in which team wins the game, but other factors like fatigue and quality of the outfield players are also always taken into consideration.

Apart from moneyline bets, punters often also bet on NHL against the spread. Spread betting gives one of the two sides an edge of 1.5 or more goals, making the odds more even than they would be on the moneyline market. This way, you get to realize a more reasonable edge on the favorites winning by making sure they win by at least a 2 goal margin.

True fans of hockey and those who enjoy the action too much to place straight up bets may want to try some props betting as well. Which team will score first and how many goals will a particular player manage can all be interesting bets with amazing odds. Online bookmakers now also allow for live NHL betting, which means you can place bets on matches that have already started and add to your viewing experience by placing some in-play bets on ongoing games.

Nice to know: Betting types
It is essential for a successful bettor to know the different types of bets and when best to use which. There are different scenarios in which one type of bet is better suited than the other.

NHL Predictions: What You Should Know about BettingBilly

NHL at BettingBilly

If you are looking to place bets on the NHL, you have come to the best place on the internet to find high-quality NHL betting picks for the entire season. BettingBilly is dedicated to helping its users get an edge over the online bookmakers by giving them exclusive insights into the though process of the world’s leading sports betting experts.

Our team of NHL pundits is made up of individuals whose experience with hockey goes back years and who have been around to see the biggest shockers and upsets in the game’s history. Our experts know exactly what to look for in the players and teams they are betting on and can smell favorable odds from a mile away.

The bets you can find on Billy’s List all have a positive expectation, but we urge you to be patient and be aware of the betting variance. Not every bet you place with our help is going to be a winner, but we can guarantee that you will win in the long run if you stick to our best pundits.

This is a unit

If you are looking to place a hockey bet, you will need to decide how much to bet. Of course, we understand that there are punters with different levels of bankroll availability, so we will never advise you on how much money you should bet exactly. Instead, we advise on what percentage of your bankroll you should place on a particular wager.

Each of our hockey predictions comes with a suggested number of betting units. Betting units are percentages of your overall bankroll and you should adjust the number to your actual betting preferences. You can decide how large your single betting unit will be, but be sure to take advice from our pundits on how many units to bet on each game. The bigger the number of units suggested, the more certain we are the bet will win.

This is ROI

The single most important stat you will want to look for in a betting expert’s profile is their ROI. The ROI (return on investment) stat signifies just how well the particular pundit has done against the bookmakers in the past. When you are looking to use someone’s NHL betting tips, you should make sure it is an expert with a high ROI.

As you have probably guessed, the higher one’s ROI, the more they have won in their lifetime. While any positive ROI is actually pretty good (since most people lose at sports betting), you should be looking for experts with a 5% profit or more to give yourself the best chance at winning.

Computer vs. Expert Picks: Advantages of Expert Picks

The internet today is swarming with NHL predictions apps that promise to help you beat the bookies and make a long term profit. However, most of these apps and sites are actually simply aggregating computer picks which don’t really add any human input into the whole process and are thus not very profitable at all.

The difference between a computer pick and an expert pick is that expert picks are created by people who know what to look for in a bet. This means finding the real balance between the odds and the probability of a bet being a winner based on how the teams are performing, how players’ form is and other such factors. At BettingBilly, we always bring real expert picks and never rely on computer hockey picks for our listings.

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Tips & Tricks: Top 7 Advice from our Betting Experts

If you want to make money with NHL betting and do so over the long haul, you will want to not only copy our hockey predictions but also understand the game and how to bet on it yourself. Here are a few most important tips that our experts have to share with you on how bookies can be beaten when betting on hockey and the NHL:

Steps Box Background
Best Tips from BettingBilly
  1. Specialize on a market: Choosing one particular market among all the hockey betting options is the best idea for most punters. You can’t be good at everything, but if you specialize you may get one market really working for you.
  2. Bet with multiple bookies: Keeping multiple betting accounts is always a good idea as this gives you options. Make sure to register with all the best sports betting sites and capitalize on the variable odds, bonuses and promotions and so much more.
  3. Keep a record of your bets: Keeping track of how you are doing with your bets is very important. This way you can know your exact ROI, overall profit and whether you are actually winning or losing over a time period.
  4. Research the teams and players: A good sports bettor always does his research, both in the short term and before and after the season. Do an extensive research when the season is kicking off and update your info with each going round.
  5. Look at the goaltender: The goaltender is by far the most important player on the field in hockey, so you should always make sure to know exactly how good the tenders are for the teams you are betting on. Do extra research on the goaltenders and you won’t regret it.
  6. Find value in upsets: The true value in sports betting comes from betting on the underdogs and getting it right. Make sure to find the best odds on underdogs who actually have what it takes for an upset and trust your expertise enough to make the bet.
  7. Keep a separate bankroll: Make sure to keep a separate bankroll for sports betting. Never bet with money you need for other things as this will impair your judgment and possibly endanger your livelihood if you should lose, which is a terrible idea.
NHL Predictions FAQs

Conclusion: The best ice hockey bets
BettingBilly is your ultimate source of free betting tips and predictions for upcoming NHL matches. If you sign up for a free account with BettingBilly today, you will gain full access to Billy’s List and get to see all the picks and parlays from our leading sports betting experts. Register now to gain an upper hand over the bookmakers, start making profitable hockey bets and finally win real money with online sports betting.

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