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Matthew Jones
Last Updated:
June 5, 2022
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Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.
Matthew is a former journalist and entrepreneur. Before he turned 18 he'd already started an online-shop, grew it to more than $1m in sales and sold it. Together with Richard he is now in charge of BettigBilly. His specialties are gambling mathematics and creating winning betting strategies.

Wyoming Online Sports Betting in 2022

Sports Betting in Wyoming: Legal in 2022

Wyoming sports betting is up and running as of September 2021, after the state legalized sports gambling in April of the same year. Wyoming currently does not have land-based sports gambling, thanks to a unique situation regarding its wagering landscape as a whole. But the online sports betting options that are available should be more than enough to satisfy most sports bettors. In this guide to Wyoming sports betting, find out what operators are running in this state.

  • Sports betting legalized in WY in 2021
  • There are no land-based sports gambling operators
  • Bettors can only wager on sports online

Land-based Betting Operators & Racetracks in Wyoming 2022

As it pertains to sports betting, Wyoming doesn’t have any land-based operators due to the fact that there are no land-based commercial casinos in the state. Because of that, when sports betting was legalized, there was no immediate opportunity for an operator to partner with that facility. But there is the potential for land-based sports gambling to take place through the tribal casinos that make up the only land-based casinos in this state.

There are a total of four tribal casinos that are currently operating in Wyoming, with those casinos having the ability to offer legal sports gambling in the future if they so choose. If those tribal entities choose to offer land-based sports gambling, they would be able to partner with an online sportsbook operator that could offer online sports gambling as well. Whether or not that happens in the future remains to be seen, as it could have a huge impact on the Wyoming sports betting landscape.

These rules were set into law with the passage of HB133, which legalized sports gambling in the state of Wyoming in April 2021. This law is what led to the start of online sports betting in the state, though there were no land-based facilities to immediately introduce sports gambling into.

As far as horse racing is concerned, Wyoming does offer legal horse racing betting. There are three racetracks where bettors can watch and wager on horse racing throughout the state. There are a lot of Wyoming off-track betting locations available in different parts of the state.

Online Betting in Wyoming 2022

Wyoming online betting was made legal in April of 2021 through the aforementioned HB133 passage. Bettors can access online sportsbooks in this state through both desktop and mobile devices. They can place bets from anywhere within state lines and are required to verify their location through the software on their computer or mobile device. Either way, it is easy for bettors in Wyoming to get started and start betting through the sportsbooks that are available in this state.

It is important to note that there isn’t a sportsbook in Wyoming that needs to be licensed through a land-based sports betting operator, thanks to the aforementioned lack of a land-based sportsbook in this state. That is very different from what is required in most states in which sports gambling is legal, where there are casinos that are available for such a licensing requirement.

One way that Wyoming bettors benefit from the lack of a land-based licensing requirement is that it eliminates the need to complete a sportsbook registration in person. In states like Nevada, it is required that bettors who want to use a sports betting app start their registration online and then finish it at a land-based location. That isn’t needed in Wyoming, which makes signing up and betting at online sportsbooks much easier.

The big question now for Wyoming is whether more online sportsbooks are going to enter the fray in the near future. This state started out with just a couple of online sports gambling operators, leaving the door open for some even bigger brands to get involved in the state in the future. Whether or not sports bettors in Wyoming have more sportsbooks to choose from in the future, they can rest assured that they are getting access to some of the best bookmakers in the industry as it is.

Mobile Sports Betting in Wyoming 2022

Mobile sports betting is legal in Wyoming, the same way that other forms of online sports betting were permitted when HB133 was passed in the state. There are no restrictions that go above and beyond what other states have in effect. Bettors are required to be in the state of Wyoming to place bets with their mobile devices and have to turn their location services on their mobile devices in order to be able to place a bet.

Bettors can still access Wyoming sports betting apps from outside of the state. While they can’t place bets from outside of Wyoming, they can make deposits for their accounts, check the latest Wyoming football betting line and manage their account from outside of state lines. Bettors can find the available sportsbook apps in Wyoming through the app marketplace on their mobile device, with iPhone and Android apps being available in most cases.

Wyoming Betting Site List: Legal Sportsbooks in 2022

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Favorite Sports & Teams in Wyoming

Wyoming is in an interesting place as far as the state’s sports landscape is concerned. There are no professional sports teams that reside in the state, as Wyoming is a relatively remote state that doesn’t have a large population for the most part. But there are still some teams that are very popular in this state, both in the professional and the collegiate ranks, with many sports fans being interested in professional teams from out of state.

In terms of professional sports teams, most sports fans look to teams that are from nearby Colorado and Utah to cheer for. Teams like the Denver Broncos of the NFL, the Denver Nuggets of the NBA, and the Colorado Rockies of MLB are very popular, as Colorado is a state that shares a border with Wyoming to its south. The Utah Jazz is another popular professional sports team in Wyoming, as their success in the NBA in the 1990s out West gave them a strong fan base in that part of the country.

There is a local team to cheer for in collegiate athletics in the form of the Wyoming Cowboys. Wyoming isn’t one of the best collegiate programs in the nation, but they have had their moments of success in the Mountain West Conference. They are also responsible for developing Josh Allen, the quarterback who became one of the best in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills.

Wyoming may not have the same sporting culture as states like New York and California due to the relative lack of teams to support in the state. But, as you can see, there is still plenty of passion for both pro and college sports throughout the state. And with that passion for sports has come an interest in sports betting that has lent itself to the launch of legal sports gambling there.

What You Can and can’t Bet on in Wyoming

Sports betting in Wyoming does not come with many restrictions in terms of what bettors can and cannot bet on. Bettors can wager on a range of pro and college sports, including everything from popular leagues like the NFL to seldom-watched sports like low-level soccer matches from around the world. And with the popularity of college sports thanks to the Wyoming Cowboys, it’s worth noting that there are some notable restrictions to college sports betting.

In many states, college sports programs from that state are not eligible to be bet on. For example, New Jersey has made it illegal to bet on games featuring in-state college programs like the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, among many others. And there is such a facet to the sports betting law in Wyoming, which means that bettors cannot wager on the in-state Cowboys at the legal and regulated sportsbooks that are currently up and running. They are also not able to bet on prop bets pertaining to college sports.

Gambling in Wyoming: Since when it is legal to Bet

The history of gambling is one that has all come relatively recently, as gambling had been illegal for the vast majority of the history of the state. Gambling has been entirely illegal in Wyoming since the early 1900s, and it stayed that way until over a century later when gambling was introduced to the state in 2005. In 2005, tribal entities were permitted to open casinos in the state, leading to the four casinos that exist in the state today.

To illustrate just how conservative Wyoming has been with opening up more gambling opportunities for bettors in this state, it took them until 2013 just to have a state lottery. While that decision in 2013 made Wyoming the 46th state with a lottery, leaving four states still without one at the time, it speaks to just how far the state has come today by deciding to legalize sports gambling and turn the tide in favor of bettors.

The history of sports gambling in Wyoming is a short one as well, as attempts to legalize sports gambling in the state only began in the year 2020. At that time, attempts at sports betting legislation were defeated in the state legislature. That ruined the chances of sports gambling being approved and active by the start of 2021.

But the passage of HB133 in Wyoming in April of 2021 came, and sports betting was up and running within six months of its passage into law. Now that the hurdle has been cleared in Wyoming, bettors can start to look forward to what improvements will be made to sports betting in the state going forward.

Gambling Guide: Wyoming Online Betting

There aren’t as many gambling options available in Wyoming as there are in other states, but there is sports betting, which is a huge step forward. Here is a look at the sports betting laws and other gambling laws that bettors can expect in Wyoming before they attempt to do any wagering of their own.

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Conclusion: Adequate Sports Betting Options
Wyoming will not be the first state that bettors think of when they think of sports gambling, especially with Nevada and Colorado doing it so well nearby. But bettors will not be disappointed by virtue of the fact that bettors are able to wager on sports from anywhere in Wyoming thanks to the multiple online sportsbooks that do operate there. For sports bettors who don’t mind only having a couple of sportsbook options, they will be more than content with what Wyoming has to offer.
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